Coleridge Series to Putnam

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May 13, 2016 by Philip Fracassi

One of my favorite writers in the world makes a major publishing announcement!

Laird Barron

My agent, Janet Reid, has sold a pair of my crime/noir novels to Sara Minnich at G.P. Putnam’s Sons. A big thank you to Janet and Sara, and extra special thanks to Jessica M for her help and inspiration.

The right editor is an important factor in a situation such as this and I’m lucky to have Sara Minnich in my corner–more on that next week.

Meanwhile, here’s a teaser about the Isaiah Coleridge series:

Isaiah Coleridge is a mob contract killer in Alaska. As you’d expect he’s pretty tough, seen a lot, dished out more.  But a walrus slaughter proves too much for him, and he puts a stop to it. Too bad the hunter shooting the walruses is a made guy. Isaiah finds himself in the kind of trouble that gets you a bullet behind the ear. That’s not the way it plays out, but only because…

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