My StokerCon 2017 Schedule

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March 28, 2017 by Philip Fracassi

Hey folks — if you’re gonna be attending StokerCon 2017 at the Queen Mary in gorgeous Long Beach, CA (April 27-30), here is my schedule if you’d like to attend my panel, my reading or my signing:
Friday, April 28 — 2-3 PM “Business of Screenwriting” Panel
I will be on a panel discussing the “Business of Screenwriting” — I’ve had a couple scripts produced and etched a half-living doing other script grunt work – happy to pass on any knowledge that might be of help.
Saturday, April 29 — 2-3 PM : Signing 
I will be signing copies of my new book, BEHOLD THE VOID, and my current novella, FRAGILE DREAMS or whatever else you want me to sign!
Saturday, April 29 — 3-3:30 PM : Reading
I will be doing a live reading from BEHOLD THE VOID. I’m sharing my reading slot with the legendary sci-fi & Marvel comics writer Scott Edelman! And right after us is Dennis Etchison… so pretty awesome.
I’ll be around pretty much the entire time, so if you’d like grab a beer or six just let me know (via PM is the best way!). See you at StokerCon!

For more info visit the official StokerCon 2017 website.

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