My Complete 3-part Interview with THIS IS HORROR is now live and available.

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July 1, 2017 by Philip Fracassi

I want to once again thank Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella at THIS IS HORROR for devoting three episodes to this epic interview.

All three parts are available using the links below. I hope you find them interesting, inspiring or hopefully a tiny bit useful if you’re a writer or fan of writing.

Part ONE – TIH Episode 150

In which I discuss my biggest fears, my thoughts on story structure for prose and screenplays, and some of my screenwriting experiences.

Click the graphic below to listen or download PART ONE of my interview.TIH pt 1

Part TWO – TiH Episode 151

I discuss my early – unpublished – literary novels and how writing lit fiction helped develop some of my tools for genre fiction. Also chat more about screenwriting and my personal take on why horror is a great escape from the real world horrors we live with every day.

Click the graphic below to listen or download PART TWO of my interview.TIH-151-Philip-Fracassi-on-Horror-as-Escapism-Hollywood-Screenwriting-and-Literary-vs.-Genre-Fiction

Part THREE – TiH Episode 152

I discuss my writing habits, talk about my experiences with the folks at the Lovecraft eZine, and offer some take-it-or-leave-it advice for writers from my own experiences or passed down from far more talented folks than I.

Click the graphic below to listen or download PART THREE of my interview. TIH-152-Philip-Fracassi-on-Writing-Quickly-The-Lovecraft-eZine-and-Best-Writing-Advice

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