Publication Day for OVERNIGHT — a new novella of supernatural revenge from Unnerving Press

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July 16, 2018 by Philip Fracassi

Today is publication day for my new story, OVERNIGHT.

You can order the kindle ebook for $1.99 via Amazon, or you can purchase the limited edition hardcover direct from Unnerving Press. This is a novelette – about 68 pages. Hope you enjoy it.

To order ebook:

To order limited HC:

OVERNIGHT takes place in the world of the film industry, and tells the story of a security guard’s struggle with his own morality when dealing with a tenacious (and possibly dangerous) stalker, who will do anything to get closer to the film’s lead actress.



The man smiled even more broadly, reached into the pocket of his camo pants and pulled out a thick fold of bills. Pete’s eyes tracked the money like a cat eyeballing a slow-moving mouse.

“I’ve got two hundred dollars here. Cash. It’s yours, if you’ll just hear me out and do one little thing for me.”

Pete found himself staring at the money. Debtors were flying through his head. Utility bills. Groceries. The failing brakes on the Honda. His edge was slipping…

He nodded. “Okay, dude. Let me hear it.”



Early Reviews for OVERNIGHT:

“In Overnight, Fracassi finds a way to blend the tone of classic horror with a vibrant and timely setting.  Throw in strong characters that are both interesting, creepy, and morally conflicted and you get a great story that is yet another stellar addition to the growing body of work both for Philip Fracassi and the short genre fiction scene. (5 Stars)” — Signal Horizon

“…we truly see Fracassi’s talent for madness.” — The Ghastly Grimoire





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