Behold the Void is officially certifiable.


September 10, 2018 by Philip Fracassi

I want say things like “really pleased” or “thrilled” or “honored”… but frankly I can’t find the words to properly express what it means for my collection, Behold the Void, to have received the honor of Short Story Collection of the Year from the amazing horror flagship, THIS IS HORROR.

The official certificate came today and it got me emotional all over again (having been officially notified of the award a few months ago).


Behold the Void is my debut collection, my debut book for the marketplace, and I couldn’t be happier about the reception it’s had from readers, reviewers, bloggers, tweeters and Facebook friends. Thank you ALL.

And although the collection is currently out-of-print, you can still get copies from and other online vendors, but please know that there will also be a brand-new reissue edition coming around Halloween of this year from Lovecraft eZine Press, which will feature ten brand-new interior illustrations, a beautiful new cover and extensive story notes. I hope you’ll wait for that edition, it’s gonna be a knock-out.

If you’d like an inscribed copy of the collection, I have a limited supply here at my horror headquarters, which I’m happy to inscribe and/or sign and sell direct. Just contact me.

Lastly, thanks to Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella and to all the THIS IS HORROR followers and listeners who voted for my collection – as I stated previously, words can’t really express the gratitude and honor. So I’ll simply say Thank You.

To see the full list of 2017 winners, visit the THIS IS HORROR website.


One thought on “Behold the Void is officially certifiable.

  1. You deserve it, man. Well done.

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