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November 16, 2018 by Philip Fracassi

The reissue edition of BEHOLD THE VOID has arrived!

This new edition is the author’s “perfected” text and includes 10 brand-new interior illustrations, a new cover design, a new Afterword and Story Notes.

The edition will be available early-December in paperback and eBook.

Cover art by Heather Landry, Design by Steve Santiago

I want to thank Mike Davis at Lovecraft eZine for publishing this gorgeous book, Kenneth W. Cain for the interior layout and design, Steve Santiago for the cover design, Heather Landry for the cover artwork and the amazing frontispiece illustration, and last but not least Dave Dick for the stunning story illustrations.

Some examples of the interior illustrations below:

I hope you’ll enjoy this new edition of my debut, award-winning collection of horror stories. I, and everyone mentioned above, worked incredibly hard to make sure this was something unique and special. The book will be widely available (in paperback and ebook) in early December via Amazon and other outlets.

For those who purchased the original edition of this book:

Thank You SO MUCH for supporting me. This reissue was done from a place of need, not want, and as beautiful as this new book is, the true first edition (and those who purchased it, reviewed it, read it and enjoyed it) will always have a warm place in my heart.

Limited Edition Pre-Order

As a special promotion, the first 50 pre-orders will receive a copy of the book direct from the author that will include a LIMITED EDITION BOOKPLATE unique to this promotion. These signed, numbered bookplates will never be available again in any form. Check it out below:

The bookplates will be hand-numbered and signed in silver ink.

To pre-order one of only 50 copies of this limited bookmark edition, please pay $20 (includes shipping/handling) via the PayPal link below – be sure to include your email, full name and mailing address!

(Sorry – U.S. Residents Only)

(If you would prefer to pay me direct, or if you live outside the U.S. and are interested in acquiring a copy, email me and we’ll work it out.)




“…think vintage King at his best.” – Rue Morgue Magazine (“Dante’s Pick”)

“Fracassi makes terror read so damn beautifully. He uses horror to illuminate human character and as a result these stories hit you in the gut and the heart.Behold the Void is badass.” – Victor LaValle

“Fracassi…builds his horrific tales slowly and carefully…his powers of description are formidable; and he’s especially skillful at creating, and sustaining, suspense.” – The New York Times

“…masterful storytelling skill rarely seen in the genre…It’s like Shirley Jackson times 50.” — Becky Spratford, RA for All

“…recalls the work of writers such as McCammon, King, and Bradbury.” – John Langan, LOCUS Magazine

“This is horror fiction at its best.” — Brian Evenson

“Fracassi is the next big horror writer to blow your mind. If you’re a fan of the horror genre at all, then this guy is a must-read.” — Max Booth III, Lit Reactor

“These stories are scary, yes, but more than that, they’re haunting– they get inside you and they don’t go away.” — Ben Loory

“BEHOLD THE VOID is exceptional. It reminds me of the great short works of King, but the book also harkens back to an older kind of horror — the barely glimpsed mysteries and monsters of a more cosmic dark.” — Andy Davidson, author of In the Valley of the Sun

“Every story in here is golden…some of the best storytelling and characterizations I’ve seen in contemporary literary horror.” — Shane Douglas Keene, Hellnotes

“…an author we must surely now hail as a leading light in the dark field of horror fiction.” — Thomas Joyce, This Is Horror

“Philip Fracassi is a master craftsman of the dark tale… a rare talent, and this book is a marvel.” — Paul F. Olson, author of Whispered Echoes

“Fracassi’s BEHOLD THE VOID is the perfect read for horror fans who expect authors to raise the bar and redefine what horror fiction means.” — Ronald Malfi

“Fracassi confirms his genius for genre writing…BEHOLD THE VOID should be on the shelf of every horror reader. It’s that good.” — Ralph Robert  Moore, author of Behind You

“When you open this collection, you’re headed down a dark alley within the precincts of the Twilight Zone. It’s the kind of place where the wrong people get hurt; hazard is everywhere and it doesn’t play favorites. The complacent won’t find refuge here on the threshold of the void. Nobody is safe and nothing is sacred. Enjoy the ride.” — from the introduction by Laird Barron

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