Behold the Void – Press & Praise

Behold the Void

Contains 9 stories:

Soft Construction of a Sunset / Altar / The Horse Thief / Coffin / The Baby Farmer / Surfer Girl / Mother / Fail-Safe / Mandala

With an Introduction by Laird Barron (“Nobody is Safe”)




Praise for Behold the Void:

“…think vintage King at his best.” – Rue Morgue Magazine (“Dante’s Pick”)

“Fracassi…builds his horrific tales slowly and carefully…his powers of description are formidable; and he’s especially skillful at creating, and sustaining, suspense.” – The New York Times

“Fracassi demonstrates that horror can still be thoughtful and lyrical even while it probes our deepest, darkest, most brutal fears. The stories within contain cosmic horror and weird fiction elements and feature an intensity of atmosphere juxtaposed by a restraint in advancing the action, a masterful storytelling skill rarely seen in the genre…It’s like Shirley Jackson times 50.” — Becky Spratford, RA for All

“…recalls the work of writers such as McCammon, King, and Bradbury.” – John Langan, LOCUS Magazine

“This is horror fiction at its best.” — Brian Evenson, author of A Collapse of Horses

“Philip Fracassi is the next big horror writer to blow your mind. If you’re a fan of the horror genre at all, then this guy is a must-read.” — Max Booth III, Lit Reactor

“These stories are scary, yes, but more than that, they’re haunting– they get inside you and they don’t go away. One of them’s been following me around silently for months now, and others appear at night in my darkened bedroom.” — Ben Loory, author of Tales of Falling and Flying

“BEHOLD THE VOID is exceptional. It reminds me of the great short works of King, but the book also harkens back to an older kind of horror — the barely glimpsed mysteries and monsters of a more cosmic dark.” — Andy Davidson, author of In the Valley of the Sun

“Every story in here is golden…some of the best storytelling and characterizations I’ve seen in contemporary literary horror. If the Brothers Grimm were writing today, they might pen such a tome as this.” — Shane Douglas Keene, Hellnotes

“Fracassi is quickly building a reputation as a superior storyteller of incredible talent…. an author we must surely now hail as a leading light in the dark field of horror fiction.” — Thomas Joyce, This Is Horror

“Each of the stories collected here in BEHOLD THE VOID peers behind shimmering veils, allowing us entrance to a mirror of our existing world where gods and monsters roam alongside these fated characters or, on occasion, within.” — Jonathan Lees,

“Philip Fracassi is a master craftsman of the dark tale… a rare talent, and this book is a marvel.” — Paul F. Olson, author of Whispered Echoes

“Fracassi’s BEHOLD THE VOID is the perfect read for horror fans who expect authors to raise the bar and redefine what horror fiction means. A royal treat!” — Ronald Malfi, author of The Night Parade and Bone White

“This collection is for readers who appreciate the character studies, fans of Stephen King’s most memorable work, and people who like to take journeys into the darker side of humanity. We recommend this collection to anyone and everyone.” — Gehenna & Hinnom Magazine

“Philip Fracassi confirms his genius for genre writing…BEHOLD THE VOID should be on the shelf of every horror reader. It’s that good. Highly recommended.” — Ralph Robert Moore, author of Behind You

“A remarkably confident collection, and comparisons to the likes of Barron or Matheson are appropriate.” — Christopher Slatsky, author of Alectryomancer

Praise for the stories of Behold the Void:


“Philip Fracassi’s Mother manages to pay homage to classic turn of the 20th Century horror stories while simultaneously fitting right in with the modern weird/occult tale.” – Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and A Disappearance at Devil’s Rock

“Mother occupies a modern Gothic niche, yet unfolds in a disorienting and timeless fashion. A touch of giallo and a whole dose of nastiness.” – Laird Barron, author of The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All and X’s For Eyes

“If Mr. Fracassi writes another nine of these, I’m in the queue for his first collection!” – Adam Nevill, author of The Ritual and Lost Girl

“Mother is a story of domestic collapse at the fringe of the known world that recalls the thematic brutality of Nathan Ballingrud and Karl Edward Wagner. This one will sneak up on you.” – T.E. Grau, author of The Nameless Dark

“…this short read is full of palpable dread. The emotions rendered here are realistic and very human. There’s hopelessness and guilt, blame and regret all twisted in fibrous webbing to catch us up when we want to sprint to quickly ahead of the story. The ending is a slap across the face.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror

“Philip has created characters we want to succeed and makes us feel their pain. Loaded with dark possibilities, I think you’ll be surprised at the outcome.” – Horror Novel Reviews

“By tale’s end, we cannot help but feel enshrouded by its wicked web, paralyzed by its piercing denouement. Highly recommended.” – C.M. Muller, editor of Nightscript

“A Favorite Read of 2015” – Ian Rogers, author of Every House is Haunted

“…a terrifying climax, one worthy of Lovecraft himself.The last few pages of Mother scared the hell out of me…” – Muzzleland Press

“…along the same lines as Rosemary’s Baby…I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get a good horror fix.” – Bookworm on the Block

“I really enjoyed Mother – beautifully constructed, it’s a perfect combination of literary writing and full-on horror.” – Dark Musings UK

“…the conclusion of Mother scared the hell out of me, and disturbed me for days after.” – The Conqueror Weird

“I consider Philip Fracassi to be one of the most promising and talented new horror authors to emerge in recent years.” —


Book of the Year (2016) — Horror Fiction Review

Honorable MentionBest Horror of the Year, Volume Nine

“ALTAR is redolent of hard-edged supernatural horror from the golden days of McCammon and King. Nobody is safe in a Fracassi story. ” — Laird Barron, author of X’s for Eyes

“…great descriptive writing and amazing use of one of the least likely settings for a horror novella, a community swimming pool. Fracassi’s work building the characters and their relationships pays off when the weird starts creeping in. Both an intense and satisfying reading experience. Admired the depiction of thefamily dynamics as much as thehorror.” — Jeffrey Ford, author of A Natural History of Hell

“Fracassi has a new fan. I’m going to be reading more of his stuff. You should, too.” — Ray Garton, author of Live Girls and Vortex

“Philip Fracassi’s ALTAR does to swimming pools what Peter Benchley’s JAWS did to oceans. Highly recommended.” — Ralph Robert Moore, author of Ghosters

“Smooth prose, excellent characterization, and just enough horror madness tolet the story ring in your head long after you’ve read it.” — Ronald Malfi, author of The Night Parade

“Altar offers up a good blend of real-life and supernatural horror, and the little details given about the characters help to flesh them out beyond what might be expected in a story so brief. In the end, though, it’s about that fear of the unknown so many of us have, and the way the life we take for granted can be upturned, suddenly and violently…well worth picking up any time you’re in the mood for a quick dip into darkness. Recommended.” — Cemetery Dance Online

“Altar cements Fracassi into the annals of weird and horror fiction with a well-written, tightly paced extravaganza that showcases his flair for solid characterization combined with cinematic,bloodcurdling terror.”– This Is Horror

“Philip gets into the mind of a young boy better than I’ve seen anyone do since Stephen King’s IT, and it makes the story that much more terrifying…” — Shotgun Logic

“The everyday events are tinted with a gray of unease as we watch thesimplethings slowly bind and mutate into a terrifying beast of a tale.One that leaves you dripping and scared on the cold concrete edge of the pool.”– Ginger Nuts of Horror

“Altar…consistently confounds expectations, leading the reader down one narrative path only to change direction – often in the most unexpected of ways.” — DarkMusings UK

“Altar is an absolutely great and fantastic character driven tale of impending doom.” — Horror Fiction Review

“What starts out as a day swimming with the family turns into a nightmare of epic proportions.” — Horror Novel Reviews

“If you haven’t read anything by Philip Fracassi then you need to fix this. “Altar” is a perfect novelette featuring great characters, stunning imagery and a dread filled atmosphere. There are a few images that will remain engraved on my brain for some time to come. Pass me the mind bleach, please. Bravo Mr Fracassi, Bravo. Highly recommended.” — BeavistheBookhead

“…a highly enjoyable dose of cosmic horror that sucks you in for a compelling ride…” — The Books of Blood


Selected for The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Ten

Ellen Datlow, editor


“The story is the strongest embodiment of what seems to be the book’s prevailing theme: our human attraction, often fatal, to the unknown. In “The Horse Thief” the hero succumbs not to the lure of something dark and deadly, but to the mysterious spirit of a great animal, and although it would be a stretch to say that the story ends happily it does conclude with a wholly unexpected burst of lyricism, a moment of transcendence.” — The New York Times


Dark Muse Winner — “Best Story of the Year”Dark Musings UK

“With the final tale in the book, “Mandala,” we discover just exactly what terms like ‘edge of your seat’ or ‘nail-biter’ really mean.” — Hellnotes

“MANDALA is, simply put, a masterpiece of short form fiction.” — Gehenna & Hinnom Magazine

Mandala is a superbly constructed tale of fate and destiny…There are scenes described in here which are as tense as anything I’ve ever read.” — Dark Musings UK

Behold the Void is available in
paperback, hardcover, ebook and audiobook.


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