Reviews and Praise for MOTHER

“Philip Fracassi’s Mother manages to pay homage to classic turn of the 20th Century horror stories while simultaneously fitting right in with the modern weird/occult tale. A promising debut!” – Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts

“Mother occupies a modern Gothic niche, yet unfolds in a disorienting and timeless fashion. A touch of giallo and a whole dose of nastiness.” – Laird Barron, author of The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

“If Mr. Fracassi writes another nine of these, I’m in the queue for his first collection!” – Adam Nevill, author of The Ritual

“In his novelette Mother, Fracassi leads you into a living room that seems so familiar, so normal, so lovely. On closer inspection, the expensive curtains are rotting, the doilies are moth eaten, and there is a strange, dark stain on the carpet… Mother is a story of domestic collapse at the fringe of the known world that recalls the thematic brutality of Nathan Ballingrud and Karl Edward Wagner. This one will sneak up on you.” – T.E. Grau, author of The Nameless Dark

A disorienting, metaphoric fugue which, on one level, gives new meaning to the projected terrors of parenthood. Fracassi’s novelette begins on familiar ground but quickly dissolves into something far more sinister, plummeting the reader into strange and darkly beautiful depths. By tale’s end, we cannot help but feel enshrouded by its wicked web, paralyzed by its piercing denouement. Highly recommended.” – C.M. Muller, editor of Nightscript

“The seduction of Eve in gnostic sources attributes the maelifactor as Yaldabaoth or demiurge Samael, but women as instigators of evil and pregnancy as a threat runs through the gothics up to films like Rosemary’s Baby, The Brood, and Eraserhead (just to mention the more famous ones).

Philip Fracassi’s MOTHER hints at this trope, though it leans towards the classic gothics in tone, while using a modern setting. It equals the films mentioned above with its gruesome and unsettling imagery, fantastic prose, and a first-person perspective that seeps into unreliable narrator territory as the husband’s realization his wife isn’t who he thought she was also reveals his misogynistic thoughts, thus allowing his inner turmoil to be that much more complicated.

A great read. Recommended.” – Christopher Slatsky – author of Alectryomancer

Listed as “A Favorite Read of 2015” – Ian Rogers, author of Every House is Haunted (see Ian Rogers’ complete list of favorite reads here.)

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