Sacculina 600x900.jpg




Published by JournalStone Press, 2017


109 Pages


"The story is exciting, and terrifically scary." -- The New York Times

When Jim's big brother Jack is released from prison, the brothers - along with their broken father and Jack's menacing best friend - decide to charter an ocean fishing boat to celebrate Jack's new freedom.

Once the small crew is far out to sea, however, a mutant species rises from the deep abyssal darkness to terrorize the vessel and its occupants.

As the horror of their situation becomes clear, the small group must find a way to fend off the attack and somehow, someway, return to safety; but as the strange parasitic creatures overrun them, they must use more extreme - and deadly - measures to survive.


Praise for Sacculina:

"SACCULINA is a smart, terrifying, and poignant tale of creeping menace. I devoured it in one frenzied sitting... this Fracassi guy is damn good." -- Richard Chizmar

"Very scary...lean and nightmarish and uneasy...will definitely be reading more of this guy." -- Ben Loory

”Fracassi will one day be one of the best and most well-known horror authors working in the genre...If you're looking for a perfect summer read, you need look no further than the work of this brilliant and rising star in the firmament of horror fiction, and Sacculina is the book you should read first." -- Shotgun Logic

"Trust me, this is intense stuff with some sequences definitely not for the faint-hearted. The pacing here is superb, exciting and frantic." -- Dark Musings UK

"Philip Fracassi is one of those names that will keep popping up to any fans of modern horror. Not only is he relentless with his output, but every published work seems to be getting better and better... Sacculina is not only a damned fine yarn but a perfect gateway drug into Philip Fracassi's fiction." -- This Is Horror