DECEMBER 30, 2015

Hey all — as 2015 slips away I want to say thanks to some folks who helped me out professionally and creatively this last year:

On the publishing front, I had one novelette hit the streets (MOTHER by Dunhams Manor Press) and want to say Thank You to those who helped, blurbed, read, offered feedback or published that release along with some other stories I’ve been cooking up that are (hopefully) coming out soon — Laird Barron, Jordan Krall, Ted E. Grau, Adam Nevill, Paul Tremblay, Joe Zanetti and Christopher Slatsky. And thank you to ALL my social media friends who shared, supported, purchased, or reviewed my little debut horror novelette and my movie. I consider you all my friends, hope that’s cool smile emoticon

On the movie front, I want to thank those who brought my little indie thriller GIRL MISSING to television screens across the country — Mike Leahy, Lori Leahy, Joel Soisson, Ellie Rose, Alex Lehmann, Tj Beagan, Margret Huddleston, MarVista Entertainment, Lifetime Television, and the great cast including Francesca Eastwood, Kiersten Warren, Federico Dordei, Lidia C. Porto, KariAnn Christensen, and our young phenom Lyliana Wray.

Lastly, a shout-out to my bud Edward Mazurek for keeping me employed and sneaking me into Teamsters Local 399.

It’s been a great year and I hope 2016 is even better.

Happy New Year folks!

xo, p