NEW RELEASE: Lovecraft eZine Press to Publish Trade Edition of SHILOH

MARCH 8, 2018

Coming April 13, 2018 from Lovecraft eZine Press: SHILOH.

SHILOH is a horror novella set during the American Civil War. It was previously available as a limited edition of 100 copies from Mount Abraxas Press (now sold out).  The trade edition will be available in paperback and Kindle editions and will feature a new bonus story, “Soda Jerk — A Sabbath Story”.

“Fracassi’s powerful, precise writing immerses the reader in the savage brutality of a Civil War battle — an exquisitely harrowing precursor to the strange horror of the tale. A masterful, mad charge into the weird.” – Jeffrey Ford

“Shiloh” SYNOPSIS:

“For two days in the year 1862, the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War held theatre in southern Tennessee – a patch of land called Shiloh.Thousands of soldiers on both sides of the conflict lost their lives, and tens of thousands more were badly injured. For twin brothers Henry and William, infantry soldiers in the Confederate Army, the battle held more than the horrors of war, it was a portal to something beyond mankind, where demons tread and angels fly, where the spilling of blood brings not only death, but eternal damnation.”

“Soda Jerk — A Sabbath Story” SYNOPSIS:

“When Carrie Ann and her parents move from the big city to the small, relatively-unknown town of Sabbath, she has a hard time adjusting to her new, quieter life. Soon after her arrival, she’s given a tour of all the local hot-spots by the cute boy who feels it’s his job to greet newcomers. What follows is a whirlwind tour of Sabbath’s main attractions, and a downtown that’s to die for.

Cover by Heather Landry.

Cover design by Steve G Santiago.

Formatting by Kenneth W. Cain.

Shiloh 600x900.jpg