Publication Day for FRAGILE DREAMS

NOVEMBER 18, 2016

TODAY is the official publication day for my newest novella, Fragile Dreams, now available from Amazon and direct from the publisher.

FRAGILE DREAMS came from the idea: “What would it feel like to be trapped in the dark; essentially buried alive beneath a mountain of steel and chaos, and to know, without a doubt, that you were going to die? What would you think? What would you remember? At what point would your mind start slipping away?”

Then, “And what if there were things in the dark…”



…a tour-de-force of storytelling…“–

“…heart-stopping…heartbreaking…he never lets the suspense slacken, even as his narrative rockets to its harrowing conclusion.” — John Langan, author of The Fisherman

“...claustrophobic as hell.” — Jack Ketchum, author of The Secret Life of Souls

“…Disturbing, frightening, unnerving…nail biting pleasure.” — Mark Booth, author of The Secret History of the World

Visit my website for more information, or purchase via or the JournalStone website.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.