Behold the Void


BEHOLD THE VOID is nine stories of terror that huddle in the dark space between cosmic horror and the modern weird, between old-school hard-edged horror of the 1980’s and the stylistic prose of today’s literary giants.

“…think vintage King at his best.” – Rue Morgue Magazine

“Fracassi…builds his horrific tales slowly and carefully…his powers of description are formidable; and he’s especially skillful at creating, and sustaining, suspense.” – The New York Times

“…recalls the work of writers such as McCammon, King, and Bradbury.” – LOCUS Magazine

“Philip Fracassi is the next big horror writer to blow your mind.” – Lit Reactor

“This is horror fiction at its best.” — Brian Evenson

Introduction by Laird Barron

Novellas / Novelettes

The Wheel

Coming 2019 (cover tbd)


THE WHEEL will be published in a limited quantity by Cemetery Dance Publications as part of their prestigious “Signature Series” of novellas.


Now Available


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Limited edition hardcover available direct from the publisher.


Now Available!



Limited edition of 100 from Mount Abraxas Press available from select retailers.

Trade edition now available from Lovecraft eZine Press in kindle and paperback.

For two days in the year 1862, the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War held theatre in southern Tennessee – a patch of land called Shiloh. Thousands of soldiers on both sides of the conflict lost their lives, and tens of thousands more were badly injured. For twin brothers Henry and William, infantry soldiers in the Confederate Army, the battle held more than the horrors of war, it was a portal to something beyond mankind, where demons tread and angels fly, where the spilling of blood brings not only death, but eternal damnation.

“In ‘Shiloh,’ Fracassi’s powerful, precise writing immerses the reader in the savage brutality of a Civil War battle — an exquisitely harrowing precursor to the strange horror of the tale. A masterful, mad charge into the weird.” – Jeffrey Ford


Sacculina cover front final


Top Ten Horror Book of the Year —

When Jim’s brother Jack is released from prison, he – along with Jack’s best friend and their brokenhearted father – decide to charter an ocean fishing boat to celebrate Jack’s new freedom. Once the small crew is far out at sea, however, a mutant species rises from the deep abyssal darkness to terrorize the vessel and its occupants.

“The story is exciting, and terrifically scary.” — The New York Times

“SACCULINA is a smart, terrifying, and poignant tale of creeping menace. I devoured it in one frenzied sitting,,, this Fracassi guy is damn good.” — Richard Chizmar

Fragile Dreams


Out of Print (only available used)


When a savage earthquake rocks Los Angeles, buildings crumble and highways fall apart. Matthew Calvert, a young family man on the job interview of his life, finds himself at ground zero of the destruction.

Buried beneath the rubble of a building, and with his injuries worsening with each passing hour, Matthew clings to memories to fight off the claustrophobic terror. As he prays for survival, and with his sanity hanging by a thread, his worst fears become realized:

There are things with him in the dark.

“…a tour-de-force of storytelling…”–

“…heart-stopping…heartbreaking…he never lets the suspense slacken, even as his narrative rockets to its harrowing conclusion.” — John Langan

“…claustrophobic as hell.” Jack Ketchum


The Best Horror of the Year (Volume Ten)


“Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year series is one of the best investments you can make in short fiction. The current volume is no exception.”Adventures Fantastic

For more than three decades, Ellen Datlow has been at the center of horror. Bringing you the most frightening and terrifying stories, Datlow always has her finger on the pulse of what horror readers crave. Now, with the tenth volume of the series, Datlow is back again to bring you the stories that will keep you up at night.

Includes my story “Fail-Safe”

The Demons of King Solomon


The Demons of King Solomon is the innovative sequel to JournalStone Publishing’s bestselling anthology The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft. This anthology explores the legendary demonic bestiary of King Solomon by bringing together popular authors in horror, occultism, and dark fantasy, including many NY Times bestsellers.

Includes my story “Symphony”

Test Patterns (Volume One)

test patterns cover

For your approval; an outré collection of short speculative fictions written with classic Television SF/F anthology programming in mind. These are the nightmares you wake from after staying up too late to watch that eerie midnight movie, only to find yourself bathed in the gray glow of the test pattern from the screen. Richly varied stories designed to impart a moral, inspire thought, give meaning, offer hope, or instill dread. Tales told in unique ways, employing provocative twists and revelations, while exploring the universal themes of humanity and self-discovery through the lenses of horror, fantasy, science fiction, the strange, and the weird.

Includes my story “The Judge”

Silence Is White



This unique anthology is a testament to a unique individual. Scottish writer and editor Chris Kelso has commissioned contributions from nineteen writers and artists, all of them admirers, friends and colleagues of Seb Doubinsky, who have each paid tribute to him in their own way for the pleasure his work, friendship and encouragement have given them.

Includes my story “The Body”

Murder Ballads


A limited-edition only available from the publisher.

A collection of seventeen dark tales & novellas, in which some of today’s finest weird story writers provide previously unpublished work inspired by traditional murder ballads. The results are sometimes enigmatic, sometimes witty, sometimes desperately grim; just like the songs they often appear to belong outside — either before or after — recorded time, in some malleable epoch of blood-drenched mythology.

Includes my story “The Baby Farmer” (also collected in BEHOLD THE VOID)

Walk on the Weird Side

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.41.07 PM

This publication available only from the publisher.

Walk on the Weird Side – a 254-page anthology of weird fiction, fantasy, and horror to benefit the NecronomiCon Providence 2017 convention. Do not be fooled, this is not a pure Lovecraftian anthology (yes, HPL’s influence is here, but it is only one, small spoke on the wheel of weird fiction), within, the writers stretch out and explore many facets of the weird.

Includes my story “ID”

Giraffes on the Moon?


Out of Print

Includes my story “The Rejects”



Altar v2

buy4._V192207739_e-book only

The nostalgia of a child’s summer afternoon can be intoxicating. Tinkling ice cream trucks, games in the yard, young love, swimming pools. For one young boy and his family, days like these can be heaven.


Like any dream, however, things can change. Heavens can fall into darkness, games turn deadly, love become hate. And the seemingly safest places of our world – filled with that sweet, sky-blue nostalgia – can curdle and implode, tearing the dream, and those caught inside it, to shreds.

“ALTAR is redolent of hard-edged supernatural horror from the golden days of McCammon and King…” — Laird Barron

“…an intense and satisfying reading experience. Admired the depiction of the family dynamics as much as the horror.” — Jeffrey Ford

“Fracassi has a new fan. I’m going to be reading more of his stuff. You should, too.” — Ray Garton



buy4._V192207739_e-book only

Like the universe itself, the world of relationships can be mysterious, terrifying, beautiful, and ever-expansive. Within the cocoon of a marriage, the bond between two people can become predatory, often selfish. Emotions become conniving, thoughts turn deadly. And if that swirling organism of love and anguish blurs into the dark realm of the supernatural, anything can happen…

“Philip Fracassi’s Mother manages to pay homage to classic turn of the 20th Century horror stories while simultaneously fitting right in with the modern weird/occult tale. A promising debut!” – Paul Tremblay

“Mother occupies a modern Gothic niche, yet unfolds in a disorienting and timeless fashion. A touch of giallo and a whole dose of nastiness.” – Laird Barron

“If Mr. Fracassi writes another nine of these, I’m in the queue for his first collection!” – Adam Nevill








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