ALL IS FULL OF HELL - Now Available - Includes Original Story "King Mob"

MAY 25, 2017

Pleased to announce the official release of ALL IS FULL OF HELL: A Panegyric for William Blake.

This anthology includes my story KING MOB.

This is a gorgeous, limited-edition fine press book (133 copies printed) from Mount Abraxas Press (an imprint of Ex Occidente). Edited by D.T. Ghetu and Damian Murphy, and illustrated by Denis Forkas Kostromitin.

Copies can be reserved with Ziesing Books in the US by emailing, and with Fantastic Literature Ltd and Cold Tonnage in the UK. For more info, email

Full table of contents:

Trefoil is the Grail of Perdition by Sebastian Montesi

The Kings of Cobweb and Dandelion by Colin Insole

Feast of Fire by Alcebiades Diniz Miguel

Ghost of a Flea by Rhys Hughes

Shadow of Horror risen in Eternity by Stephan Friedman

Great, Pale World by D.P. Watt

Horrox by Andrew Condous

The Secret Wound in Life by Joseph Dawson

Burnt the Fire of Thine Eyes by Oliver Smith

King Mob by Philip Fracassi

La Fleur Infernale by Leopold Nacht

The Torso in Shadow by Adam S. Cantwell

I Want! I Want! by Henry Jovial

Christian Singles by Thomas Phillips

Wollstonecraft by Karim Ghahwagi

The Golden Mile by John Howard

Nocturnal Gardens by Ramon Lasalle

The Living Rapture by Jonathan Wood

Synarchy of Molten Bones by Deathspell Omega

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