Publication Day for New Novella - SACCULINA

MAY 12, 2017

I’m very pleased to announce today, May 12, is the official publication day for my new horror novella, SACCULINA, from JournalStone Publishing.

SACCULINA, as the title portends, is a seafaring story about a group of family fishermen that find themselves meeting a new genus of sea creature head-on. First contact with a species that, while historically benign, has newfound intentions with humanity.

This story was built to thrill and entertain – but mostly frighten. I hope it accomplishes those goals for the reader.

Cover Design by Chuck Killorin

Cover Design by Chuck Killorin

Early praise for SACCULINA:

“Philip Fracassi’s Sacculina is a smart, terrifying, and poignant tale of creeping menace. I devoured it in one frenzied sitting and came away with two thoughts: this Fracassi guy is damn good, and I’m never going on a boat again!” — Richard Chizmar, author of A Long December and co-author (with Stephen King) of Gwendy’s Button Box

“[Fracassi] sets the hook into a reader’s imagination, and as he reels the reader in through creeping dread and all-too possible darkness, they’ll soon understand that there is no escape.” — Jake Marley, This Is Horror