Giraffes on the Moon ? -- A New Anthology featuring "The Rejects"

APRIL 15, 2016

The newest anthology from Dynatox Ministries, GIRAFFES ON THE MOON?, is now available via the publisher’s website in trade paperback.

140 pages of cosmic, pulpy horror stories all circulating around one bizarre premises — What would happen if astronauts found giraffe bones… on the moon?

How? Why? What could it mean? And what ungodly horror lies beneath the mystery?

giraffes cover.jpg

Featuring the outstanding talents of David Anderson, Jamie Grefe, Jonathan Moon, RFK, R.A. Harris, Catfish McDaris, and more, as well as including my own story, THE REJECTS, this is an anthology you won’t to miss!

Only $7 at the Dynatox Ministries web store — BUY NOW.