Official Launch Day for ALTAR

APRIL 8, 2016

Today, Friday, April 8, is the official release date for my new horror novelette, ALTAR.

ALTAR is available on for $7.99 in an unlimited paperback, and there are also a few signed copies available from the Dunhams Manor Press website for $8 each.


The nostalgia of a child’s summer afternoon can be intoxicating. Tinkling ice cream trucks, games in the yard, young love, swimming pools. For one young boy and his family, days like these can be heaven. Dream-like. Like any dream, however, things can change. Heavens can fall into darkness, games turn deadly, love become hate. And the seemingly safest places of our world – filled with that sweet, sky–blue nostalgia – can curdle and implode, tearing the dream, and those caught inside it, to shreds.


Early Reviews:

“ALTAR is redolent of hard-edged supernatural horror from the golden days of McCammon and King. Nobody is safe in a Fracassi story.” Laird Barron, author of X’s for Eyes

“Philip Fracassi’s ALTAR does to swimming pools what Peter Benchley’s JAWS did to oceans.  Fracassi is masterful at quickly sketching in characters to where you know enough about them to care about their fates, then tightens the tension with each new turn in the plot, until you’re racing through the pages to find out what happens next.  And what happens next is a series of twists that caught me completely off-guard.   Fracassi has that rare talent of putting you, the reader, smack dab in his characters’ heads, looking out their eyes, which is the best way to ride this roller coaster of a story.   Highly recommended.” – Ralph Robert Moore, author of Ghosters

Altar cooks the skin with the same baked heat of the concrete surrounding this striking story’s swimming pool.  Fracassi sets a nostalgic, suburban tone, but already there are fractures in the façade. You sense something’s not quite right because the tension is already tightening. With an eye for place and detail rivaling that of a great noir film, Fracassi knows when to hold back and when to twist the knife. Fortunately for us, there’s more of the latter. Altar is riveting stuff.” – Michael Wehunt, author of Greener Pastures

“Fracassi has the ability to inject dread into the familiar and everyday, ratcheting the tension to reach absolute horror. Profoundly disturbing.” – Christopher Slatsky, author of Alectryomancer

Thank you for reading, and Thank You for the support.